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It has always been customary, at least in our area, for paperhangers to write their names on the wall before applying the paper.  I can remember years ago removing paper and finding multiple names on the wall of paperhangers long gone.  Unfortunately it is less common today.  We still find our own name on the wall when re-papering for an old customer, but finding any real history has become somewhat of a rarity.  On a recent job we uncovered a "wall of history" dating back to 1894.


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before 010.jpg (143457 bytes)
Hill & Marsh Paper Hangers Oct. 29th, 1894


before 009.jpg (146803 bytes)
Kelly & Bailey - Interior Decorators - May 5, 1906 (on right)
S B Bolson & Sons - Stacy & Darin - May 11, 2004 (on left)


before 008.jpg (147989 bytes)
Homeowner - July 19, 1974 (on right)
S B Bolson & Sons - Oct. 13, 1986 - Ray Bolson & Ken Jr. (on left)


before 007.jpg (139639 bytes)
S B Bolson - Papeard May 27, 1934  (apparently spelling wasn't Grandpa's strong suit)


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